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Stray Fox Studio is looking for a few people to help make games.  Our initial goal is to develop high-quality titles using MonoGame (developed in Visual Studio 2015) for the PC platform, primarily in the RPG and Strategy genres.  With further brand establishment and reputation, we can expand to Nintendo Virtual Console, Sony’s Playstation Network, and Xbox Live along with already being able to port to mobile platforms as needed.

  • Effects Animator – Know the techniques for creating 16-bit or 32-bit style spell and attack animations, similar to Final Fantasy VI, Street Fighter Alpha/III,  or Suikoden II? Looking to build at least a small base library of effects to create the spells, special attacks, and other effects, such as using items.
  • Voice talent – specifically looking for the voice of the main character, Arashi, but need talent for other characters as well, of all types.
  • Traditional Animator  – Like to draw animations by hand?  We need help drawing characters moving and attacking in 4 different directions.  Avoiding entirely vector drawn animations to keep a more natural flow between frames, rather than the rubbery look of Flash-like transitioned graphics.  Individual frames can be drawn in vectors, but no transitions between frames please.
  • Map Graphic Artist – draw objects for use in adding detail to the game maps, from small plants to large pieces of furniture or architecture
  • Melodic Composter – someone that can compose with melodies in mind (not ambient/orchestral music), or at least arrange from a given melody.

Please contact if you are interested in these opportunities or would like to inquire about other ways to help the team.

2 thoughts on “Join the Team

  1. Dear Fox,

    My name is Jahan and I am really excited about your game. Making my own game is a big long term goal I see in my future as well. Similarly to you, I have also been working on and off on an RPG story that I am really starting to love. I feel like your game will be an excellent one and I want to help out and support the game in any way I can.

    My abilities are composing music mostly but I am also interested in trying my hand at voice acting as well. Anything other than that, that you want me to do, just ask me about it. Let’s help each other out.

  2. I apologize for not replying in a timely manner, you’d contacted me in the middle of a crisis and I hadn’t had a chance to get back to my devblog until now 🙂

    I completely appreciate the offer and I would love to hear some of your music if you have any demos online. While I do most of my own composition with a few exceptions, there are plenty of tracks left that still need work, so I’d be interested in the help. Since it’s been 2 months since you sent this, I’ll email you if I don’t see a reply soon. 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by!

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