Away Mission

Greetings from San Diego (again?!), where I have been on a business trip for my day job since last Monday.  It’s been quite an experience here, but this city is just about the right size to never be short of anything to do at night, without having too much to do if you know what I mean.  This is the first time I’ve been here without Comic-con going on, so driving by the abnormally quiet Convention Center is pretty surreal.  There was a guy sitting on the stairs between Hall C and D and I thought to myself that he’s got a long wait if he’s in line for next year’s exclusive figures.

I’ve enlisted the help of a second writer as well as an environment artist, to help create more assets and flavor for the game while I continue to work on the core design and gameplay flow.  I have always wanted a little more help with the game because of its scope, so this is a great morale boost.  Hopefully you’ll get to see some new maps in the screenshots soon 🙂

Well, since I am at work right now, I have to get back to it, but wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know what was going on!  Until next time.

About Astrael

A long-time independent game developer that was lucky(?) enough to have grown up with the gaming industry. I am a programmer, a game designer, a concept and pixel artist, a music composer, and a novelist. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and I am determined to take advantage of every talent I hope I have to make it happen!