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It’s been 6 months since the Phase I website was launched, and even then so much has changed.  Shadowdawn Genesis has since obviously undergone its own evolutions, visually, aurally, and tactically (wait, that’s not quite the word I meant!), but the site never really went anywhere, because I just didn’t know what to do with it.

Now with the Phase II site, the actual framework is in place for updating the story, characters, game features, and other fun stuff as I make them available.  Gradually, as more video footage is recorded, the existing pages will also have trademark movies showing what each character is best at, as well as stills of their unique moves, and the story pages will also have more world artwork (sorry for that, but only so much I could do at once!).  I apologize in advance for not having gameplay movies yet, but they are coming!  I’ve explained before that even though the programming is in place the animations are not, so a casual visitor probably won’t understand what they’re seeing until Arashi and co. move along with their actions.

The next thing to update is the home page graphic – the rough line art is just placeholder as it will be fully colored with all eight characters when it’s done.  I will try to accomodate the site for mobiles/iOs after that, once I get a bit more CSS research done. After that, expect to see gradual additions to every page and section!

About Astrael

A long-time independent game developer that was lucky(?) enough to have grown up with the gaming industry. I am a programmer, a game designer, a concept and pixel artist, a music composer, and a novelist. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and I am determined to take advantage of every talent I hope I have to make it happen!

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    1. Hey I said I’d be releasing more information over time, just lets everyone know how much content is in the game to learn lol XD The game hasn’t even been announced yet, technically!

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