Homing in on Arashi

Arashi in dress uniform
I don't think green is her color

Trying to create a samurai-in-training girl without using the typical design concepts for the stereotype has been difficult to say the least.  Complicated by the fact that since designing Arashi no less than 3 major pink-haired blue(ish)-eyed main females have made their way into games and/or anime, maybe someone reading this can understand why it has taken me so long to finalize a design.

I’m pretty close with this one for what I want, Arashi isn’t as confident in her abilities at the start of the story, since her entry into fighting has been late in life to say the least (and more a matter of convenience than a necessity).

I do not think I will keep the green sleeves and coat, but I’m trying to find a trio of outfit colors that compliment each other but aren’t too dull (her older concept uses the orange-yellow and mauve pairing, but a third color has been tough to balance)

Next step (regardless of the color issues, I do like the actual outfit) will be deciding once and for all how the sprites will look.  With a high resolution game (this is currently targeted for 720p) the sprites need to be crafted a way that still looks vibrant like the old console sprites, but with more detail animation isn’t as easy to pull off shortcuts such as mirroring or stationary body parts.

Hope you, like this concept a bit more, and the color should help pull out some details the original concept didn’t show.  I’ll do my best to do a more complete CG to promote the game soon, and you’ll get to see the other characters in the story then.

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2 thoughts on “Homing in on Arashi

  1. Always liked forest green to lighter greens myself.

    Not that that counts for much, but hey 🙂

    1. you’d know probably better than anyone, I never associated green with this character lol, but it does kind of look good :3

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