Bringing Arashi to Life

Is she meditating, or did something get caught in her eye
Yes, she can blink and breathe

This weekend I just wanted to share some of the work I’ve been doing with Arashi’s animations.  To the left, you can see her facing down (I finished her idle poses for all 4 facing directions), and she is mid breath and blinking.  These two animations are actually separated and unpredictable, like a real human would have.  I haven’t programmed it yet, but after attacking I want her to breathe a little faster for a few seconds while she calms down, and gradually resume her relaxed stance.  It won’t take much effort on my end to add that.

Also, much more excitingly, I finally started animating her attacks.  It’s a lot of work to animate frame by frame, but I think the result is going to be worth it.  For now, the bokuto (her beginning weapon) is still using the old test animations, but after I finish the frames I’ll reanimate the bokuto for its final form and of course to match her hand motions.  I will also be making it stay readied in combat areas, instead of it appearing out of nowhere when she attacks.
I know these posts aren’t very exciting for the casual observer, but for me procrastinating about… 6 years to make this game, every little bit is a huge motivational boost.  See you next update 🙂

Arashi really needs to practice her grip
And she can slash, too!

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