Sauntering Along

Arashi, Ket, Shion, and Tristen outside the Silverlight Lake Ruins.
Camping above the misty lake.

I’ve spent most of the last year tinkering with every aspect of Shadowdawn: Genesis from the character designs, the script, the game engine and platform, and even gameplay design in order to stand out in a rapidly expanding field of independently-developed RPGs. But now, it’s time to start pushing forward instead of looking back.

Today is a concept portrait of the outskirts in the first area of the game, where Arashi and Ket are taking a breather after tracking down Prince Tristen and Shion (a playable character I have yet to properly reveal here, I know, but details will come soon). Hope you enjoy it.

About Astrael

A long-time independent game developer that was lucky(?) enough to have grown up with the gaming industry. I am a programmer, a game designer, a concept and pixel artist, a music composer, and a novelist. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and I am determined to take advantage of every talent I hope I have to make it happen!